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Actions in diverse areas of the city and solo exhibition at Vertice Gallery. Lima, October, 2008.

"The Migration of the Saints is an investigation about the transformations we live within and outside the community. Cristina Planas presented a reflection about the experience of migration symbolized by the power of action (Saint Martin of Porres), the process of action (Saint Rosa of Lima), and the action as a dare (Sarita Colina). The result of acting according to our illusions destroys the boundaries of our experience." (Sandro Venturo Schultz)

In 2012, one of these works (previously censored in Peru): a Coloured Christ surrounded by golden machine guns, was chosen to be the protagonist of a symbolic ritual during the opening of a memorial place dedicated to the victims of drug wars in Colombia. The site chosen was the infamous prison La Cathedral built by drug lord Pablo Escobar. To avoid extradition to the US, Escobar ordered the construction of this complex where he was a privileged prisoner during a year. The complex was transformed that year into a public space and a park for the city.