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Landscape intervention in the Nature Reserve Marshes of Villa and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima. November, 2014.

During the UN Climate Conference in Lima, in the Nature Reserve Marshes of Villa –a natural habitat of migratory birds located in the outskirts of Lima– the artist made a temporary intervention of 25 dead palm trees 15 meter tall.

According to Vera Lauer in the in Lima's Modern Art Museum:

"This project explores the imagery of the vulture as an agent of renewal in a context of climate and social crisis. These new inhabitants of the marshes will claim their space in the city, reconciling a lifestyle that humans will have to incorporate in order to face a material consumerism that goes beyond the planet's capacity to regenerate itself. The vulture is a recycler misunderstood. The bird symbolizes a project of cleaning the city in a material and spiritual way –where garbage also represents corruption and lack of values."