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First solo exhibition. A reflection on human condition. Artco Gallery. Lima, May, 2000.

For her first solo show Cristina Planas transformed a gallery into a huge fish tank, and within it, some creatures halfway between human and amphibian. Water is presented as a metaphor of purification. "These collection of hyper realist figures made of acrylic resin say much of the provocation intended by the author for her first solo where the concept covers the sum of the parts. This exhibition shows the maturity of a young sculptor. "Acquatic citizens" is clearly in tune with times of urgent cleaning. These figures are born out of deep political reflections, especially connected with our time, with the collective imagination that makes us see and breathe politics daily." (Enrique Planas)

In words of Cristina: "Most of the artists I know are working on political themes. It is inevitable, like it or not. You have to have a position. I think this show is about politics but in a more subtle way. I did not want to be very explicit. With Abimael Guzman (a work censured in the Second Biennial of Lima) I was very direct: my characters shouted at you so load that they could not offer more meaning than my own speech. In this show I let the viewers approach these themes at their own pace. If Abimael Guzman was a shock, here I propose an inner search."